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XDS to build NexGen Smart immersion cooled Datacenter


XTREME DB SYSTEMS (XDS) is building a new smart datacenter with immersion cooling capabilities in Dubai. XDS will offer customers a next generation smart datacenter offering not only hosting facilities with power & traditional fan based cooling but three options for non conductive fluid cooling technology. This allows XDS customers rear door, horizontal rack and direct to chip cooling.   

The carbon footprint of datacenters are huge. Since immersion cooling is more effective at dissipating heat, it allows servers to be packed closed together, paving the way for high density computing. The traditional rack can be condensed from 100% to 10% using high density vertical cooling racks. Immersion cooling paves the way for next generation computers using NVIDIA GPUs for gaming, cryptocurrency mining and AI.  

For those organisations looking to leverage immersion born technology, it’s vital to look at immersion servers currently leading the market. For example, the Ciara Trident line of servers was the first to be developed specifically for single-phase immersion cooling. These servers offer ultra-high-density compute performance, up to 288 CPUs per 48U (144 nodes/18,432 cores). They are engineered to accommodate next-generation CPU, GPU, and FPGA cards.  

XDS customers will be able to choose between traditional racks and immersion cooling infrastructure to host their hardware. In addition XDS will offer enhanced smart hands. The traditional datacenter can be seen as just a place to store servers, ranging from F5 load balancers, Palo Alto Firewalls, your standard DL580’s or Isilon storage arrays, the list is endless. Enhanced smart hands service will provide a managed service offering software as a service, upgrades and decommission services. 

XDS will manage webservers, operating systems and database platforms as a service. This is not provided by traditional datacenters. The standard smart hands offering range from delivery management to simply powerdown customer hardware. XDS smart datacenters will provide full production maintenance.

Customer journey will become a one stop shop where XDS is partnering with HP, IBM, Hypertec, NVIDIA, CISCO, Extreme Networks and regional carriers to provide roadmap to the XDS datacenter. There will be no need for the customer to place network or compute orders, XDS will provide the managed solution and immediate connectivity to its smart datacenter.

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