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Legal community must unite against cyber threat: Kingston


Kingston encourages law firms to adopt the latest cybersecurity measures to repel threats, protect their clients and themselves.

In the face of an escalating wave of cyber threats, failing to uphold ethical and legal safeguarding obligations could be catastrophic, reputationally and financially. Kingston Digital Europe is calling on law firms to adopt the latest cybersecurity measures, thereby repelling potential threats while protecting their clients and themselves.

Antoine Harb, Team Leader, Middle East, Kingston said, “There’s no question that law firms are facing unprecedented difficulties in the current cybersecurity landscape. The intricacies of legal proceedings, as well as the vast amounts of client data in their possession, make these institutions particularly attractive targets for hackers seeking financial gains or competitive advantages. As such, law firms must adapt to the evolving threat landscape – prioritizing cybersecurity as a cornerstone of their practice.”

The increasing rate of attacks experienced by law firms within the last year alone also emphasizes the need to be proactive. For example, the rate of weekly cyberattacks across the global sector rose by 7% in Q1 2023 compared to the same period the year prior – reaching 1,248, according to cybersecurity firm Checkpoint Research2. Kingston Technology insists that law firms operating in the Middle East should take note of the stark warnings manifesting across international territories. While noting the “immense responsibilities” that regional legal sector incumbents must honor, the company is adamant that the most stringent data security frameworks are “non-negotiable”.

Antoine Harb continued, “A data breach not only jeopardizes the confidentiality of sensitive legal matters but also erodes the trust that is fundamental to attorney-client relationships. Once damaged, post-breach repercussions will inevitably follow with potential long-term financial sustainability and organizational viability in question alongside the sizeable challenge of rebuilding relationships. It’s therefore non-negotiable that law firms recognize the full extent of such severities. They must go above and beyond to be proactive and take every step possible to fortify their digital infrastructure.”

With Kingston IronKey’s Vault Privacy 50 Series USB Flash Drive, Keypad 200 Series Hardware-encrypted USB Flash Drive, or D500S USB Flash Drive, there is peace of mind that data will remain safe in any eventuality. All these drives incorporate BadUSB malware safeguards with digitally signed firmware that prevents unauthorized entry. With a secure individual ecosystem depending solely on strong passwords to access data, each drive is essentially impregnable.

The legal landscape is increasingly becoming a prime target for malicious actors, posing serious challenges and responsibilities for law firms to secure their digital infrastructure. Trusted repositories of highly confidential and sensitive information concerning finance, business, intellectual property, and personal agreements, the necessity for law firms to protect such assets has never been more imperative.

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