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F5 Study claims Enterprises Push AI Despite Data and Security Gaps


As enterprises build out a new stack to support the widening array of AI-powered digital services, the study highlights challenge they face across the infrastructure, data, model, application services, and application layers that must be overcome for widespread scalable adoption.

F5’s new report that provides a unique view into the current state of enterprise AI adoption. F5’s 2024 State of AI Application Strategy Report reveals that while 75% of enterprises are implementing AI, 72% report significant data quality issues and an inability to scale data practices. Data and the systems companies put in place to obtain, store, and secure it are critical to the successful adoption and optimization of AI.

“AI is a disruptive force, enabling companies to create innovative and unparalleled digital experiences. However, the practicalities of implementing AI are incredibly complex, and without a proper and secure approach, it can significantly heighten an organization’s risk posture. Our report highlights a concerning trend: many enterprises, in their eagerness to harness AI, overlook the need for a solid foundation. This oversight not only diminishes the effectiveness of their AI solutions but also exposes them to a multitude of security threats,” said Kunal Anand, EVP and CTO, F5. 

Organizations are enthusiastic about the prospects of generative AI’s business impacts. Respondents named it the most exciting technology trend of 2024. However, only 24% of organizations say they have implemented generative AI at scale.

Although the use of generative AI is on the rise, the most common use cases often serve less strategic functions. The most common use cases that respondents say they’ve already deployed include copilots and other employee productivity tools (in use by 40% of respondents) and customer service tools such as chatbots (36%). Tools for workflow automation (36%) were named the highest priority AI use case, however.

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