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Telecom Egypt, Huawei completes successful 50G PON trial in Africa


The 50G PON is designed to work seamlessly with the Optical Distribution Network (ODN) on optical devices, paving the way for future development.

Telecom Egypt and Huawei have announced the completion of the first 50G PON trial in Africa. 50G PON is the latest fiber technology that offers up to 50Gbps/s with upgraded and secure broadband usage for both consumers and businesses. This step represents a significant milestone in the long-term joint cooperation between Telecom Egypt and Huawei.

The test shows that the upload and download rate of Huawei’s 50G PON prototype meet the standard requirements. It also verifies the capability of managing 50G PON ONTs and the capability of supporting the G/10G PON50 Combo function. Additionally, the 50G PON is compatible with the existing fiber optic network. This compatibility eliminates the need for creating a new network. 

Engineer Mohamed Nasr, Managing Director and CEO, Telecom Egypt said, “The 50G PON is a pivotal technology that supports Telecom Egypt’s strategy to upgrade network infrastructure and establish a more adaptable broadband infrastructure foundation. The deployment of 50G PON will also help Telecom Egypt to sustain our leadership position in Africa. We are thrilled to partner with Huawei, a trusted partner over the years, as it aligns with our strategic objective of persistently striving to deliver the latest technological solutions and services to our customers.”

Jim Liu, CEO, Huawei Egypt, stated, “We are happy to announce our successful collaboration with Telecom Egypt. This commitment not only enhances the quality of service for consumers and businesses but also aligns seamlessly with Egypt’s digital transformation strategy. Our dedication is unwavering in delivering cutting-edge technological solutions and services.”
In recent years, new services such as ultra-high definition (UHD) video, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), and industrial digitization have imposed higher requirements for network connectivity. The 50G PON broadband technology efficiently meets these requirements, enabling the development of future network applications.

Businesses can leverage 50 GPON technology to support their operations, including business cloud applications, visual communications, and artificial intelligence. Governments can utilize this technology to deliver digital services like e-learning, e-healthcare, and e-government services. The completion of the 50G PON technology and service verification by Telecom Egypt and Huawei signifies a seamless evolution of the PON network, establishing solid foundations for the large-scale deployment of 50G PON in the future. 

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