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New features for Microsoft Viva unveiled


Also, Microsoft announced ‘Work Trend Index Special’ Report that highlights positive impact of employee engagement on organizations’ bottom line. 

Microsoft has announced new features for Microsoft Viva alongside the launch of the latest Work Trend Index Special Report focused on employee engagement. The newly announced Copilot feature, which was introduced in Microsoft 365 to help individuals drive efficiency and productivity, will now extend to Microsoft Viva to help business leaders in the region build more engaged, collaborative workforces. 

In Viva Goals, Copilot can provide recommended goals from a planning or strategy document, while Copilot in Viva Engage can help leaders draft employee communications. In Viva Topics, Copilot will help users can get up to speed faster on a specific topic by generating a summary and offering answers based on multiple documents related to the topic.

Microsoft is also bringing Glint into Viva to provide a survey tool for organizations to measure and improve engagement by seeking and acting on employee feedback. The new Viva Glint will help leaders summarize thousands of employee survey comments and provide leaders a fresh way to explore feedback by asking questions in natural language. Microsoft will also integrate Viva Glint and Viva Insights to provide leaders the ability to correlate aggregated employee engagement data with behavioural data, enabling them to uncover new insights about what may be driving engagement up or down within their teams.

“In today’s ever-evolving workplace, it’s essential to have tools that enable business leaders to better understand and engage their workforce. With the introduction of Copilot and Glint in Microsoft Viva, professionals will be able to unlock new capabilities, providing more clarity on priorities, enriching connections, and uncovering insights. We are thrilled to continue to innovate and provide solutions that help businesses thrive in today’s rapidly changing environment, “said Ahmad El Dandachi, Enterprise Commercial Lead for Microsoft in the UAE. 

In keeping with its mission of empowering organizations across the region do more with less, Microsoft has also released the Work Trend Index Special Report, which demonstrates why employee engagement matters to the bottom line and how next-generation AI can help. The report analysed surveys of more than three million employees at over 200 companies across industries and looked at the combined stock price movement of these companies throughout 2022, revealing several key findings.

The report showed that organizations that focused on employee engagement perform twice as well financially as compared to those that deprioritize it. It demonstrated that clear communication and goal-setting are key to unlocking employee engagement. 

Also, that leaders need a feedback flywheel, which is a continuous loop of data that is gathered, analysed, and acted upon to sustain engagement. 

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