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klipit launches paperless receipt app in the UAE


Klipit’s initiative not only meets the immediate needs of today’s market but also aligns with the broader environmental goals of the region, heralding a new era in retail operations where technology meets sustainability.

klipit has unveiled its blockchain-based paperless receipt application, a transformative tool for the retail and service sectors in the UAE. Addressing the pressing need for digital solutions – with 76% of GCC consumers showing a preference for digital receipts, according to klipit’s survey – this launch marks a significant step towards sustainable business practices. 

klipit’s launch is strategically timed to meet this surge, offering businesses a customer-focused, sustainable alternative to traditional paper-based systems. Its digital platform resonates with the 70% of Gulf consumers surveyed who increasingly advocate for eco-friendly brands, presenting an opportunity for businesses to innovate sustainably. 

“klipit is more than a response to the market’s call for digital transformation; we’re delivering a comprehensive solution to lead it. In the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, we’re proud to align with the nation’s vision by crafting a platform that combines efficiency with a commitment to sustainability. klipit doesn’t simply change how transactions are recorded; we’re elevating them into opportunities for enhanced customer engagement, growth, and eco-friendly leadership,” said Mr. Venkat Reddy, CEO,  klipit.

klipit extends an invitation to both businesses and consumers to explore its digital receipts vault, a versatile solution aimed at bridging the gap towards achieving comprehensive, eco-friendly goals for a sustainable future. Designed as a retail application to revolutionize the retail experience through a suite of comprehensive features, the app provides Secure Digital Receipt Management, effectively streamlining the storage and access of receipts, thereby enhancing organizational efficiency. 

Additionally, the app boasts a User-friendly Interface, meticulously crafted to simplify transaction processes for both customers and businesses. This combination of features in the klipit app positions it as an essential tool for modern retail, marrying convenience with cutting-edge technology.

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