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Haltia.AI brings KNOW Ontology and Developer-Friendly Tools

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At the 2024 Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) in Crete, Greece, Haltia.AI, has announced a groundbreaking suite of advancements in the AI knowledge engineering. This announcement, showcases three key elements, KNOW, Unlocking Everyday Knowledge for AI with Universal Interoperability in Mind and Democratizing Access.

The Knowledge Navigator Ontology for the World is designed to capture the essence of everyday human experience. Focusing on both daily routines and life milestones, KNOW provides a practical foundation for imbuing large language models (LLMs) with real-world knowledge in a form that can be introspected, explained, and verified for accuracy. KNOW is designed with universal interoperability in mind, aiming to ensure seamless knowledge syncing, sharing, and integration across connected AI systems, vendors, apps, and use cases. This ambitious design goal has the potential to revolutionize how AI systems connect, communicate, and collaborate. Also, Haltia.AI is taking an unprecedented step by providing software development kits compatible with 12 of the most widely used programming languages today, with more to follow soon. T

“This represents a significant leap forward in AI personalization. By marrying ontology-driven knowledge capture with large language models, we are paving the way for AI that is not only intelligent but also has a long-term memory and understands the nuances of human experience,” said Arto Bendiken, CTO and co-founder of Haltia.AI and lead author of the accompanying research paper. 

Haltia.AI’s research demonstrates that as LLM fine-tuning methods evolve the KNOW ontology can deliver increased context and applied knowledge personalization yet to be seen, achieving impressive results with minimal training data. This scalable and efficient approach offers a glimpse into the future of AI, where personal assistants and other intelligent systems can leverage everyday knowledge to provide a truly personalized and helpful experience.

Haltia.AI’s dedication to open research is a hallmark of this project. By making the KNOW ontology and its accompanying software development kits freely available without restrictions, they are promoting collaboration within the AI community and empowering developers to build the next generation of intelligent applications. This groundbreaking suite of advancements positions Haltia.AI at the forefront of engineering trustworthy and interoperable AI systems. Their commitment to open research and industry collaboration ensures that the benefits of KNOW will be widely accessible, accelerating progress towards a future powered by intelligent and human-centric AI

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