Epson’s, new EME to be operational by 2024


The company has created new regional operations, Epson EME led by Neil Colquhoun as President, for accelerating growth in the key markets including Africa, Caucasus, Central Asia, Middle East, Moldova, Türkiye, and Ukraine.

Realising the potential of the Middle East and Africa region, Seiko Epson Corporation has established a new sales company, Epson Middle East FZCO (EME). The Dubai, UAE, office will centrally manage the region including Africa, Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East, Moldova, Türkiye, and Ukraine.

Neil Colquhoun, who is already part of the Epson team has been appointed as President for the newly created Epson EME region. Epson’s newly established EME sales company has set forth an ambitious goal to accelerate its revenue growth and footprint over the next five years. It plans to achieve this goal by expanding its presence in the core domains of printing, scanning, and visual display solutions.

“Establishing Epson EME demonstrates our commitment to customers and partners in the region, that we will continue to invest and grow our presence in all key markets, from Africa to the Middle East to Central Asia, while centralising operations in our Dubai-based office. This investment will give us the agility and ability to address the changing needs of customers in these dynamic, fast-growing markets with our key areas of printing, scanning, and visual display solutions,” shared Neil.

With more than 250 Epson employees currently in place, Epson forecasts an increase of 45% in new hires, as the EME entity becomes operational in April 2024.  The recruitment drive will focus on nationalisation, diversity and inclusivity, with women already accounting for up to 40% of the workforce.  The largest Epson offices will be in the UAE, South Africa, and Türkiye, complemented by operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, Israel, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. There are also plans to expand and enhance Epson’s network of resellers and distributors in the region. 

Epson reported sales increases of more than 40% in the Middle East and Turkey, almost a third in Africa, and around 10% in Central Asia, Caucasus and Ukraine for FY2022. The company anticipates a huge demand for Epson technology solutions such as the increased scanning and automation needs for digitised workflows in various business sectors.

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