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With the continuous focus on App Security due to the supply chain attacks, AppSec vendors are enhancing their market reach. Invicti Security (formerly Acunetix and Netsparker is one of the leaders in this space and Enterprise IT World spoke to their global channel leader – Alvaro Warden, who leads the Global channel development team to know about his vision of MEA market. Excerpt

Briefly tell us about Invicti Security

Invicti Security  – which acquired and combined respective DAST leaders Acunetix and Netsparker – is on a mission: application security with zero noise. An AppSec leader for more than 15 years, Invicti’s best-in-DAST solutions enable DevSecOps teams to continuously scan web applications, shifting both left and right to identify, prioritize and secure a company’s most important assets. Our commitment to accuracy, coverage, automation, and scalability helps mitigate risks and propel the world forward by securing every web application. Invicti is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has employees in over 11 countries serving more than 4,000 organizations around the world.

We will continue to invest our efforts to expand our market presence in MEA, as well as further strengthen our alignment and investment in key strategic Channel partners.Alvaro Warden, Worldwide Director, Channels & Partnerships, Invicti

What is the opportunity of application security that you are addressing in the region?

Invicti’s application security testing solution enables its customers to automatically scan any type of website, web application, web service, or API—including first and third-party web applications—regardless of the technology, frameworks, or languages they are built with. With Invicti, customers shrink their security backlogs with automation and workflow features that reduce false positives, eliminate manual verification steps, and make managing and assigning security tasks easier.

With Invicti’s latest innovation,  PredictiveRiskScoring, customers can now also leverage the power of AI to predict the likelihood that their web asset or application is at risk before the web app is even scanned. By accelerating the identification and testing of a customer’s most at-risk assets, AppSec teams can leverage AI to scale up and more effectively counter the malicious use of AI to exploit web application weaknesses.

How are you focusing on creating awareness and training of the customers?

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Invicti, which is why all of our subscriptions include world-class standard training and support with rapid response times, service excellence, and convenient access. Our Premium Support plan is for customers who want tighter response time SLAs and additional escalation paths, while our Premium Support + Guided Success plan is for customers who want strategic guidance to help achieve their objectives and quickly realize the full potential of their investment.

For additional training and guidance, Invicti also hosts Invicti Learn—a collaborative effort by a team of technical content writers and security researchers, working together to create a repository of high-quality articles on major application security topics that would be both technically accurate and easy to read—as well as its customer-focused Invicti Help Center—a valuable knowledge base to help customers find best practices and tips for getting started and using our products.

What differentiated value proposition that Invicti is offering vis-à-vis the competition?

Invicti delivers to the market an unparalleled blend of accuracy, speed, automation and scale, which has been cultivated through extensive investment over many years to serve a global customer base. Through Proof-Based Scanning, Invicti validates 94% of critical vulnerabilities, facilitating rapid identification and prioritization of issues for resolution. This steadfast commitment underscores Invicti’s core mission of delivering AppSec with Zero Noise.

How are you present in the region?

Invicti is currently present in over 13 key countries in the MEA Region.

Which countries are you focusing on and why?

Invicti is focusing heavily on Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman – as they represent:

1.  Growing Markets: These countries represent burgeoning markets with increasing demand for application security solutions due to the rapid digital transformation and adoption of technology across various industries.

2.  Strategic Locations: Situated at the crossroads of different regions, they serve as hubs for business activities, making them ideal entry points for expanding Invicti’s presence in the broader MEA region and beyond.

3.  Economic Development: Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Turkey are investing heavily in technology and innovation, creating fertile ground for the adoption of advanced security solutions.

4.  Diverse Industries: These countries boast diverse economies, encompassing sectors such as finance, healthcare, government, and manufacturing, each with unique security needs and compliance requirements.

5.  Government Initiatives: Governments in these countries are increasingly prioritizing cybersecurity and implementing regulations to safeguard critical infrastructure and data, driving the demand for robust application security solutions.

6.  Tech-Savvy Population: With a growing population of digitally literate individuals and businesses, there is a heightened awareness of cybersecurity risks, creating a receptive market for Invicti’s offerings.

What is your channel engagement strategy in the region?

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) regions serve as pivotal areas for Invicti’s growth strategy, given their significant and expanding market for our best of class Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution. Vis-a-vis our strategic partnership with Bulwark, we’re able to tap into a robust network of channel partners, we’re able to enhance customer satisfaction and instill market confidence through localized language support and differentiated services delivery. This approach enables us to efficiently cater to these markets, engage with new clientele, and accelerate our collective presence. Our commitment to MEA remains steadfast, with ongoing investments aimed at bolstering our regional presence.

What is your goal for 2025?

We will continue to invest our efforts to expand our market presence in MEA, as well as further strengthen our alignment and investment in key strategic Channel partners.  The channel continues to be a critical component of Invicti’s long-term success

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