Check Point Infinity AI Copilot unveiled


Check Point Software Technologies has launched the first-generation Infinity AI Copilot. Leveraging the convergence of AI and cloud technologies, Infinity AI Copilot addresses the growing global shortage of cyber security practitioners by boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of security teams.

“With Infinity AI Copilot, we are ushering in a new era of cyber security where human-machine collaboration takes center stage. Our vision is to enable security teams to work in harmony with AI, unlocking unprecedented efficiency and accuracy. We believe in a future where security is no longer a challenge but a seamless part of every organization’s operations,” said Eyal Manor, VP, Product Management, Check Point Software Technologies.

Trained on 30 years of end-to-end cyber security intelligence, Infinity AI Copilot provides a powerful ally to security teams. With the power of Generative AI (GenAI), Infinity AI Copilot acts as both an administrative and analytical assistant, automating complex security tasks and providing proactive solutions to security threats. It significantly reduces the time required for routine tasks, empowering security teams to focus on strategic innovation. And it integrates seamlessly across the Check Point Infinity Platform, providing a unified security experience from endpoint to network to cloud and beyond.

Infinity AI Copilot saves up to 90% of the time needed for administrative work for security tasks including event analysis, implementation, and troubleshooting. Security professionals can dedicate more time to strategic innovation, thanks to the time saved. It can oversee all products across the entire Check Point Infinity Platform – from network to cloud to workspace – making it a true comprehensive assistant.

Unlike some existing AI solutions in the market, Infinity AI Copilot provides comprehensive coverage across various security aspects, with capabilities extending beyond threat analysis to include IT and access policy management. It stands out for its availability and practical application in contrast to conceptual solutions offered by certain competitors.

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