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In 2022, Bulwark Tech expanded its operation with the establishing of a dedicated office & team in Riyadh, KSA region. It believes that channel growth & development and providing the right tools to the channel community can yield better returns. During a recent interaction with Channel360MEA, elated by the success of 2022, Jose Menacherry, Managing Director, Bulwark Technologies, shared that as a security focused vendor, they know that the battle is continuous and ongoing as new security breaches / discoveries emerge every minute. Below are the excerpts where he shared the details of how prepared they are to meet such challenges with latest technologies in 2023 and years to come.

As a company – how Bulwark Tech has performed in 2022 in the MEA region?

The last fiscal year has some major highlights for Bulwark, as a Specialized Value-added Cybersecurity Distributor in the MEA region. We have achieved significant growth in revenues. It was a year of adding major cyber security specialized vendors & building a stronger product portfolio. We have been constantly investing on new & proven technologies to provide world-class & best of the breed service to our partners & customers in the region. Bulwark Technologies also expanded in KSA region last year. The expansion plans are in response to the company’s growing business, robust partner network and strong demand for IT Security Solutions in GCC region.

Considering again the year witnessed transition from WFH (Work from home) to on-site (office) working. What were the major concerns you faced or opportunities you participated?

Some of the challenges that CXOs face is about managing risks, resilience, business continuity measures that they need to consider whilst adopting Digital Transformation of their businesses to stay competitive. With the market now operating in hybrid mode having data on premise and in cloud, CXOs need to consider comprehensive solutions to mitigate risks arising out of such initiatives. Bulwark, with 23 years of cyber security experience is well poised to advise CXOs in considering industry best practise to address attack surface management, risk return ratio, cyber resilience to name a few.

Which industries/ market segment you saw demanding technologies the most?

Cybersecurity is our core area of focus. Apart from that, we do have RPA solution to automate the recurring activities and thereby reducing the human involvement, avoiding errors and delays. Other solutions include email backup, storage security, network monitoring, configuration management, MDM / EMM etc.

Did you enhanced your portfolio with new partnerships, if yes share details. How many net new customers have you added this year? Share some major names?

We have expanded our cybersecurity product portfolio through the addition of new & niche technologies like ISSQUARED for Identity & Access Management/Identity & Access Governance requirements amongst others. 2022 was successful year with addition of wide network of Channel Partners & End-Customers. Last year also has been a great
year, as far as improving our revenue targets are concerned, irrespective of many challenges we faced.

What is your revenue growth expectation for this FY?

Bulwark will continue expanding in the region, by adding more vendors and partners to its current product portfolio & thus enabling revenue growth. Being a security specialized Value-Added-Distributor, we have been regularly scanning the technology space for latest products addressing the new threats in the region. Security solutions for Cloud, Mobility and IoT space continue to be the domains of focus. We would also be strengthening & expanding our team with onsite presence in some countries.

What are other milestones you have achieved last year?

2022 has been overall a great year. To list some key milestones achieved last year are as below:

1. Addition of New & Niche Cybersecurity products to our current portfolio.

2. Addition of New Channel Partners & Customers to our portfolio.

3. Participating in mega-events of relevance to us like GITEX, GISEC, Black Hat and other Partner & End-Customer Events on a regular basis.

4. Awarded and recognized as Top Cybersecurity Distributor on multiple occasions by leading media players in the region.

5. Expanded our operations with a dedicated office & team in Riyadh, KSA region.

The past 2 years have been very tough, how do you see the ME/ Africa or MEA market evolving in 2023? What is your road map for 2023?

With the presence of a wide array of security technologies currently in the region, selection of the right solution to address customers’ security concerns and organizational requirements is one of the biggest challenges being faced by the channel. We train our channel partners on regular basis to update them on the latest product and features, helping them to position the products based on customer’s requirement addressing their pain areas. Channel growth & development and providing the right tools to the channel community can yield better returns. As a security focused vendor, we know the battle is continuous and ongoing as new security breaches / discoveries emerge every moment and we are prepared to meet such challenges with latest technologies.

Bulwark plans to keep its channel community up to date on the specialized cutting-edge technology products and solutions and simultaneously provide world-class service to its customers. It is our continuous and ongoing effort to invest on channel initiatives which include long term partner growth plans, partner certification and reward programmes and channel enablement sessions. Our constant focus is on channel growth & development. We have been empowering our channel community, which has significantly contributed to our growth & development as a value-added distributor in the region. We are also seeing more vendors approaching us to take up their products through our established channels utilizing our years of experience gained over many years of operation in the region.

We are also deploying in-country resources in other GCC countries as part of our continued and focused support to channel partners and end customers. 

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