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3DXB Group Reaffirms Its Commitment to a Sustainable Future


World Environment Day, observed annually on June 5, served as an occasion for businesses, communities, and individuals worldwide to reflect on their environmental impact and take meaningful action towards a greener future.

3DXB Group has proudly joined the global community in celebrating World Environment Day. Again, it has reaffirmed its dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable development through a series of initiatives aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of its operations and products.

“At 3DXB Group, our commitment to the environment goes beyond just compliance with regulations; it is a fundamental part of our corporate ethos. On this World Environment Day, we are proud to showcase our efforts in advancing sustainable technologies and practices. Our innovations in 3D printing are not only revolutionizing the construction industry but are also significantly reducing waste and conserving resources,” said Badar AlBlooshi, Chairman, 3DXB Group.

3DXB Group has been at the forefront of integrating eco-friendly practices in its operations. Key initiatives included under the theme Sustainable Materials, Energy Efficiency, Waste Reduction and Green Building Projects.

“Our vision is to lead the industry not only in innovation but also in sustainability. We believe that our responsibility extends to future generations, and we are committed to leaving a positive legacy through our environmentally conscious practices,” AlBlooshi added.

As part of its World Environment Day celebrations, 3DXB Group hosted a series of workshops aimed at raising awareness about sustainable practices among employees, partners, and the community. These activities focussed on the importance of reducing environmental impact and exploring new ways to integrate sustainability into everyday operations.

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