Password Manager gets updated with improved security & enhancements


Kaspersky Password Manager now offers users enhanced digital security by obtaining verification codes for two-factor authentication (2FA) protected accounts.

Kaspersky Password Manager has unveiled two new features. The first one enables users to safely store unique keys for two-factor authentication (2FA) and to generate one-time passwords. Additionally, the list of supported browsers has been expanded to include Opera and Opera GX.

Kaspersky Password Manager now offers users two-factor authentication (2FA) protected accounts. The two-factor code is used to improve the security of the most important user accounts and protect them even when the account password has been compromised.

The new feature enters a unique key stored to generate one-time login code, updating them every 30 seconds. Users need to copy the code from the app and paste it into the required field when logging into their account. Mac users can view and type in the codes for authentication manually. For Windows users this feature will become available in fall 2023.

“Users require a service to securely store and organize large amounts of valuable and important information due to the growing number of accounts and data they generate. The most suitable solution is to utilize a trustworthy password manager. This secure and private data vault allows users to easily manage passwords, bank cards, documents, and more from both their desktop and mobile devices,” shared Marina Titova, Vice-President, Consumer Product Marketing, Kaspersky.

Kaspersky’s Password Manager browser extension has also been expanded to support Opera and Opera GX (version 92 and higher). This extension makes it easier for users to manage work with personal and sensitive information, automatically saving logins, passwords, and other data in Kaspersky Password Manager as well as auto-filling those credentials when logging in or making online payments. In addition to Opera and Opera GX (version 92 and higher), the Kaspersky Password Manager browser extension is currently available for:

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