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GameSir Launches Licensed Xbox Controller with Hall Effect Sticks


G7 SE Controller comes with a special paint-friendly faceplate, it can also be personalised to be unique to each gamer.

GameSir has launched its G7 SE Controller, a licensed Xbox controller featuring Hall Effect sticks. This groundbreaking controller offers gamers unparalleled precision and customization options, delivering an enhanced gaming experience across multiple platforms. The GameSir G7 SE Controller is now available for purchase for £49.99/$44.99/€59.99 from Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon Europe stores, AliExpress and GameSir official website.

The Anti-drift Hall Effect sticks use non-contact magnetic sensors, ensuring the sticks are extremely durable and reliable, to prevent wearing down prematurely and maintain pinpoint control for an extended time, particularly useful in FPS games. The precision-tuned triggers enable gamers to experience ultra-responsive, smooth, and accurate controls, enhancing gameplay and providing a competitive edge.

The controller also incorporates back button quick latches, allowing users to disable unintended inputs swiftly. This feature enhances gameplay by preventing accidental button presses and ensuring uninterrupted gaming sessions. The buttons can be enabled or disabled to seamlessly match the playstyle in different games.

Compatible with Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11, the GameSir G7 SE Controller is designed to meet the needs of gamers easily across different platforms and be a versatile gaming partner. Whether playing on the latest Xbox console or on a Windows PC, this controller ensures seamless compatibility and optimal performance. Providing a smooth and ultimate gaming experience, it has less latency, and being wired means there are concerns to be had over losing battery mid-game.

The G7 SE controller offers a unique customization feature with its swappable paint-friendly faceplate allowing users to express their creativity and customize the controller’s appearance to match their style or gaming setup. This personalized touch adds an extra layer of individuality to the gaming experience.

Furthermore, with the GameSir Nexus software, users can unleash their creativity and enjoy unlimited customization options. This software empowers gamers to fine-tune their controller settings, personalize button mapping, and create unique profiles tailored to their preferences. Gamers can also effortlessly switch between controller profiles on the fly with simple button combinations, adjusting to different gaming scenarios without missing a beat.

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