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Check Point Expands its offerings!


Check Point CloudGuard CNAPP´s enhanced capabilities provide deep context and visibility across the entire cloud environment and throughout the software development lifecycle with a comprehensive prevention-first CNAPP solution.

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. has introduced a new risk management engine along with enhanced capabilities to the Check Point CloudGuard Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). The new capabilities add intelligent risk prioritization, agentless scanning, entitlement management and pipeline security. With a focus on context, speed and automation, the new capabilities operationalize cloud security, removing complexities and overhead noise associated with traditional standalone cloud security alerts, allowing security teams to focus on comprehensive threat prevention from code-to-cloud across the entire application lifecycle, while supporting DevOps’ agility.

Cloud adoption and digital transformation continues to accelerate. The 2022 Cloud Security Report revealed that 35% of respondents are running more than 50% of their workloads in the cloud. However, 72% are extremely concerned about cloud security, and 76% are hindered by the complexity of managing multiple cloud vendors, which often results in misconfigurations, lack of visibility, and exposure to cyberattacks. Moreover, the study revealed that misconfiguration is seen as the number one cause of security related incidents, which can be attributed to the need for around-the-clock security operations and alert fatigue.

“It is challenging for organizations to manage security risk while supporting faster cloud-native development cycles. As development teams grow, organizations are looking for a unified platform to help them prioritize and efficiently take the actions that are the most impactful in reducing security risk so they can effectively manage security instead of falling behind,” said Melinda Marks, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

In addition to the launch of Effective Risk Management (ERM), Cloud Identity & Entitlement Management (CIEM), Agentless Workload Posture (AWP), and pipeline security tools, Check Point CloudGuard now provides smart risk prioritization that allows teams to quickly eliminate critical vulnerabilities, such as misconfigurations and over-privileged access, based on severity throughout the software development lifecycle. The collaborative output that enterprises receive is simple, easy to understand and focused on the threats that matter to them, thereby reducing the complexity that was once a challenge. By minimizing this complexity, the threat landscape is also reduced.

“Cloud adoption continues to accelerate and the ability to streamline cloud security has become vital. By adding Effective Risk Management and amplifying Check Point CloudGuard’s CNAPP offering, we are making it possible for organizations to shift,” explained TJ Gonen, VP Cloud Security at Check Point Software. 

Check Point CloudGuard combines the latest tools into a new generation of CNAPP capabilities to aid security professionals, while removing barriers to DevSecOps with ShiftLeft tools. 

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