“I Can Not Get Girls Because Girls Only Want [BLANK]” | Women Chase

Four pals accumulated together at a club for a glass or two after work. As
they sipped all the way down their particular
beers, the dialogue drifted to speak of women… in addition to their numerous
with these people.

“i cannot get girls, bros,” sighed the good-look at TenderBang.com web-site guy forlornly.
because – of course! – they merely would you like to date dudes with money.” He
looked about at his buddies, looking forward to an answer.

“Hmph,” mentioned the wealthy man, reacting. “you might think


first got it


can not get ladies because they just wish to date dudes who are large!”

“Pssh, which is absolutely nothing,” said the high man. “Why


can not get women is basically because they
just ever before get with dudes who happen to be white.”

“That sucks, however know very well what the worst is actually?” said the
average-looking white man. “The worst would be that women


wish to be viewed with men just who
tend to be good-looking.”

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